the FD anti team


Born and raised in Barcelona, Fundrawings was started by five school classmates, Joaquin, Nacho, Sergio, Pepe and Quim who foundĀ in drawing the best and funkier part of the school days.

Now Joaquin and Nacho are still on it and count with the others’ collaboration from time to time. Illustration is the main topic here while some other stuff is done too, like murals, graphic design, interiors or audiovisuals..

Together we draw four handed pieces and create mostly through improvising.

Drawing just for fun

Also we play antimusic, if you want to check it out we areĀ Hoder Mofeti



– Rainbow Machine Fest (Barcelona 2018)

– Mutuo (SOLO show, Barcelona, 2017)

– MOB (Barcelona, 2016)

– Surfcity (Barcelona, 2016)

– Southern (Barcelona, 2015)



Zatro (2018)

Koyac (2018)

– Journal Errratum (France, 2017)

Pumarejo (Barcelona, 2017)

– Academia Guiu (Barcelona, 2016, 2017)

Justin McMillan (Australia, 2016)

– Chasing Rainbows (California, 2016)

Story Teller (Paris, 2015, 2016)

– Todos a Trabajar (Barcelona, 2016)

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